Know your Upper Peninsula Highways

The Upper Peninsula is full of unique roadways offering scenic views. Some sections are straight as an arrow (lookin’ at you Seney Stretch), one is the longest state highway in Michigan, another is the only state highway in the United States not to allow cars (I’m sure you can guess which). It’s also said that Copper Harbor is the furthest place you can live from an Interstate in the continental United States, a distance of 251 miles from I-39 in Wisconsin. If you’re new to the Upper Peninsula, don’t be fooled, these are not multi-lane divided highways, most are entirely small, two-lane highways.

Across the state of Michigan there are over 9,700 miles of state trunklines and 1,200 miles of Interstate. Michigan is home to 140 Michigan Trunklines, 15 US Highways, and 4 Interstates with 9 auxiliary Interstates (such as I-496, a section of I-96). The Upper Peninsula has 23 Michigan Trunklines, 4 US Highways, and one Interstate.

Study up, then go road tripping.

Michigan State Highways/Trunklines

    United States Highways


        Hopefully this will help you better navigate across the Upper Peninsula. There’s plenty to do and see, but the best stuff is always off the beaten path. A post on county roads will be much more extensive!

        Information pulled from Wikipedia