Yooper Steez Skateboards

Yooper Steez has just branched out in a big way… skateboards!

Yooper Steez isn’t a skateboard company, but has always drawn inspiration from the skateboarding and snowboarding culture. This is just one product (of many more to come) that offers a way for Yoopers to show their love for the Upper Peninsula. With each product we offer, we hope another person can represent the Upper Peninsula in a new way. Skateboards are one more way Yooper Steez can expand our mission to offer unique, original, fresh, and quality Upper Peninsula related products.

Introducing Lumber Jack

Upper Peninsula Skateboards

Allow me introduce you to Lumber Jack. He’s the epitome of a Yooper. He wears wool plaid shirts, he spends lots of time in the woods and he’s got one mean looking beard. Jack loves the Upper Peninsula as much as we do, from the forest to the Great Lakes.

Lumberjack Jack represents the Yooper in all of us.

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