Yooper Steez Round-Up: Notes, Updates, and More for July 2008

Yooper Steez is now fully restocked

Thank you both customers and readers who have been patient with us. It took longer than we expected to get restocked with shirts. But we’re back in full throttle. Order yours today or sign up for a chance to win a free shirt. We currently have red, blue, green, and black in sizes XXS throuh XXL.

Houghton native Jeff Finger traded to Maple Leafs

We have mentioned Jeff Finger in several previous posts with our talks about hockey. Now, finger signed a new four-year deal with the Maple Leafs worth $14 million. Last season he made the league minimum of $475,000. Not a bad day at the office. He remains the only Upper Peninsula native currently playing in the National Hockey League.

We’ve made changes

If you haven’t logged onto the website lately have a closer look around. We’ve made some changes. The blog is now easier to read. We also made it more accessible to find content from the archives, search, and cleaned up the look to make it flow. Don’t hesitate to pass on your suggestions as well. If you’re new to blogging and RSS feeds we highly recommend that you subscribe to our content. It’s like Netflix coming to you versus going to the video store. Take a look at these videos to learn more.

Calling all writers

Have an opinion on an Upper Peninsula topic? A unique story or perspective? Have some photographs to share? Are you knowledgeable bout Upper Peninsula topics or little-known facts?

We would love to have you as a guest blogger. Blogging experience not required! All you need to do is contact us.

More steez pleez

Have you ordered a shirt? Don’t forget to snap a photo wearing it in your backyard, hometown, home state, home country, or traveling around the world. We want to represent Yoopers across the globe. Check out the submissions.

And don’t forget to sign the guestbook! We know it’s a little old school and not the prettiest, but were working on that among several other things.

We wanted to take a minute to catch everyone up to date. Thanks for checking out the site and stay tuned for more.