Is this the Most Ridiculous 'Yooper' Definition Ever?

Over the years every Yooper hears stereotypes, jokes, and definitions of the word “yooper” that we can all chuckle about, roll ours eyes at, or even confirm in rare instances.

At Yooper Steez we’re always looking for people using the word “yooper” online, in books, or anywhere else. Well, our latest research came across something completely blasphemous. Let us know what you think…

Yooper — “Person from north of the bridge. a second class citizen of the U.S.. A canadian trapped on american soil.”

Example: Yoopers think they’re american, but everybody in america hates them. which is why michigan is selling the u.p. to canada for a carton of cigarettes.

Courtesy of ‘Bob Saget’ on Urban Dictionary

Out of the 9 user-posted definitions on Urban Dictionary, thankfully this one has the least number of votes.

Check out the real definition of and origion of the word “Yooper”.

What do you think, worst “Yooper” definition ever? We’re opening this up for discussion, let us know what you think, are we really worth just a carton of cigarettes?

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