Congrats to all the Michigan Olympians

on the USA Olympic hockey team it reminded me of when the team was announced and I was impressed that there were five guys on the roster that were born in Michigan.

So it inspired me tonight to do some research on all the Olympians with Michigan connections. There are a lot of them! It’s great to see so many from Michigan and who have came to Michigan to train, thanks in part to the United States Olympic Education Center in Marquette. We’re fortunate to see some of the best speedskaters come to Marquette to train, many others like Apolo Ohno and J.R. Celski have come through Marquette to train.

Congratulations to all the Michigan Olympians who participated at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics and pretty cool to see so many with medals around their neck.

If you know of some others that aren’t on this list please leave a comment and I’ll add them.

Born in Michigan

[Nick Baumgartner]( "Nick Baumgartner")Iron River, MISnowboard crossYooper, attended school at NMU where he played football
[Mickie Rzepka]( "Mickie Rzepka")Novi, MIBobsleighPole vaulted on Michigan State’s track and field team 2002-04
[Ryan Miller]( "Ryan Miller")
Novi, MIFigure skatingGraduated from Novi High School and attends the University of Michigan
Northern Michigan University Connections ----------------------------------------
[Allison Baver]( "Allison Baver")
NY, USACross country skiingFormer All-American nordic skiier at NMU
Michigan Tech University connections ------------------------------------
[Jarkko Ruutu]( "Jarkko Ruutu")
Vantaa, FINHockeyPlayed hockey for Michigan Tech 1995-96
Michigan State University connections -------------------------------------
[Duncan Keith]( "Duncan Keith")
Winnipeg, CANHockeyPlayed hockey at Michigan State 2001-03
University of Michigan connections ----------------------------------
[Jack Johnson]( "Jaack Johnson")
Indianapolis, INHockeyPlayed hockey at Michigan 2005-07

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