Why does it look that way?

Here’s a short and sweet testimonial from our friend Leah while she was wearing her Yooper Steez shirt.

I wore my cool yooper t-shirt to work the other day. One of the guys I work with gives me a weird look.

Coworker: “What is that supposed to be?” Indicating my shirt.
Me: “It’s the U.P.”
Him: [blank stare]
Me: “The Upper Peninsula.”
Him: [more blank stares]
Me: “…of Michigan.” Finally a spark of recognition crosses his face.
Him: “Oh, why does it look that way?”

It was my turn for a blank stare. The truly sad part of this story is I that live In Indiana.

Ah yes, the case of naive geography knowledge is something we’re well aware of. Of course, the further a person gets away from Michigan the more we’re willing to forgive. We don’t want to be quick to judge, perhaps Leah’s coworker grew up a long ways away from the Midwest. But we certainly enjoy the amusement and it continues to be great inspiration for our signature series of Upper Peninsula shirts. Thanks, Leah!

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