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Welcome Home to Michigan

I have been wanting to share this photo with readers for a while. Since I just drove over the Mackinac Bridge on Tuesday I thought this would be an appropriate time to share this photo.

This was taken on the final evening of my 50-state tour. Actually, now that I think about it, it was the first full year span of my life where I hadn’t gone across the bridge.

This photo took many many efforts. I wrote Michigan using a tiny flashlight, and I had to write it backwards. Each trial got a littler slower to the final result. Cropping it perfectly, writing it clearly, and even spelling it correctly (I forgot a letter or two on a couple tries as I couldn’t see what I was writing and trying to do it all within a certain area while timing it closely to the shutter speed of 30 seconds). Finally, I think I got it right. Except I wish the letter ‘a’ was a little more clear. Regardless, a favorite Michigan, and Upper Peninsula photo.

After many trips to the lower peninsula during my life, crossing the bridge and making it to the Upper Peninsula truly had a feeling of “Ahhh, home at least.” Even though it was still another 230 miles to Baraga. However, the air was a little fresher, a little cooler, and a lot more familiar.

I encourage you to submit your best photos from the Upper Peninsula and a story to post along with it. Don’t be shy, we would love to hear from youand see your photos.