Happy Valentine's Day from U.P. Supply Co.

We love the Upper Peninsula. We love the Great Lakes. We love Yoopers. And we love Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day doesn’t need to be full of roses and romance and the pressure of the perfect gift. We think it should be fun and lighthearted for everyone to enjoy, especially if you love the Upper Peninsula and the Great Lakes.

And because we heart Yoopers, these valentines are for you! They are meant to be shared on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and anywhere your heart desires. Most importantly, make sure the Yoopers in your life know how much you like them, appreciate them, admire them, enjoy them, and love them!

Looking to send a valentine? We recently remixed them into sendable greeting cards.

You're My Favorite Yooper
You Heat Me U.P.
Will You Be Mine?
I Lake You A Lot!
You Are Superior
I Can't Get You Off My Mine
Eino You Love Me