Recent Yooper Steez Represented Across the World

You have all impressed me with your continued support of Yooper Steez. It has been incredible to start this little business a year ago and watch it grow. Each month the website traffic increases a little more, several more comments appear from new readers and I receiver emails from more Yoopers not just in the Upper Peninsula but from coast to coast in the United States and from across the World.

I was happy to receive several more photos recently of some fans representing the Upper Peninsula across the world. This time we have additions for Switzerland, Finland, and Mexico.

For those of you who have discovered Yooper Steez recently I am still hoping to have photo evidence of Yooper Steez in all seven continents. The only two missing are Australia and Antarctica. Clearly Antarctica is going to be the most difficult, but entirely feasible.

As always you can check out all the photos in our steez section. You can also check out some highlights from 2008 and all the places Yooper Steez shirts have gone.

Thanks for all the support!

Erich in Chur, Switzerland

Yooper Steez in Chur, Switzerland

Jenna and her dog Sara in Sarkijarvi, Finland

Yooper Steez in Sarkijarvi, Finland

Chris in Zihuatenejo, Mexico

Yooper Steez in Zihuatenejo, Mexico

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