Yooper Steez is now the Upper Peninsula Supply Co.

The year was 2007 I was bright eyed and bushy tailed (still am) and inspired from just completing a 50-state road trip. I looked back at the nearly 50 t-shirts I had collected on that trip, as well as teaching countless people about the Upper Peninsula, Great Lakes and Michigan. In 2008, Yooper Steez was born, beginning with the now iconic Upper Peninsula silhouette t-shirt.

The name was a combination of two words not to be found in the dictionary (proud to say yooper has since been included). Steez, a combination of style with ease, was often a difficult name to explain. Now, we’re onto bigger challenges and new endeavors.

U.P. Supply Co. will act as the parent for all of our Upper Peninsula projects. We’re on a mission to create – inspired by the great outdoors, fresh water, ingenuity, and countless other traits that define our unique identity.

We are purveyors of the Upper Peninsula. We foster community by creating unique goods and campaigns that celebrate the Upper Peninsula of America.

Let’s do all the fun things! #906life


Now, your full-time Ambassador of the Upper Peninsula