The Ultimate U.P. Valentine's Day Guide

Happy Valentine's Day
Yoopers don’t need to go to Zales or Russell Stover’s to give their significant other a great Valentine’s Day gift. The Upper Peninsula has plenty of _sweet_ things to offer.

Here’s our list of the best Valentine’s Day gifts you’ll find in the Upper Peninsula. But you better get moving fast, it’s just two days away! Though I’m sure these could be enjoyed any day of the year.

And hey, you can buy chocolate for anyone and make their day, you don’t have to have a valentine set in stone. So perk up, no need to be glum on a day that’s all about chocolate. It’s a great excuse to do some random acts of kindness for other people who think they might not be getting any chocolate in the mail.

Looking for chocolate?

Look no further than Sayklly’s Confectionery in Escananba. Sayklly’s has been satisfying the Upper Peninsula’s sweet tooth since 1906. And they have a lot more to choose from than just chocolate: peanut brittle, taffy, creams and more.

You can never go wrong with some Mackinac Island fudge. As Ryba’s Fudge slogan says, it’s “Mackinac Island’s Favorite.” We think you should be the judge and try a few other brands as well. But if you need to fulfill that sweet tooth Ryba’s is a great place to start.

How about some wine?

Time to wash down that fudge. Well, have you ever been to Garden? There you’ll find the Threefold Vine Winery about 30 miles southwest of Manistique. Of course this is the Upper Peninsula, not Napa Valley, so you may have to wait a few months before you can tour their vineyard. They’ve planted over 30 variety of wine grapes and offer a variety of fruit wines to sample.

Need a romantic getaway?

The Laurium Manor Inn was built in 1908 and if you’re looking to impress someone look no further. This 45-room, 13,000 square foot mansion will blow you away. A silver-leafed covered dome ceiling. Hand-carved oak grand triple stairway. And embossed elephant leather wall coverings!

Another historical and impressive getaway is the Landmark Inn in Marquette. This might suit you better if you prefer cocktails and fine dining rather than rising early for breakfast at a B&B. Since opening in 1930 the Landmark Inn has become one of the most storied hotels in Michigan. And they have hosted several notable people such as Amelia Earhart, Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong, Maya Angelou, and Bill Cosby.

Buying some jewelry?

Wattsson & Wattsson Jewelers of Marquette has a lot more to offer than just shiny, expensive, and beautiful stones. Bring your lucky someone to their store to shop together. It’s an experience to see their “cave,” and they are “America’s coolest store.”

Don’t forget the flowers!

Pink, red, white or whatever other color rose you need to get, time is running out. has a great list of U.P. florists to get you started.

And if all else fails you can always go and listen to the lyrics of “Lonely Yooper” by Da Yoopers.