11 Photos: Why the Upper Peninsula is the Cooler Peninsula

The Upper Peninsula is the cooler peninsula. It cannot be argued, it is embedded in the factual temperatures recorded by the National Weather Service for more than one hundred years. So we all know it’s literal, but is it figurative? Of course we’re a little biased at Yooper Steez, but we’d love to hear your arguments.

Last night I was digging through some old photos from the U.P. and it got me thinking how cool the Upper Peninsula is. Of course, there’s a lore more reasons than eleven, but here’s a rough cut of some photos I went through.

I threw some text on these so you can grab them and share how cool you think the Upper Peninsula is, whether you think it’s cold or just plain awesome. Share them on Facebook. Tag them with #YooperSteez on Instagram. Tweet them and mention @UpperPeninsula. Print them off and make a magnet for your fridge. Or maybe send them to a friend in warmer peninsulas.

Upper Peninsula Fall Colors
Cool, for sure. The fall colors are some of the best in the world!
Eben Ice Caves
Double cool, obviously!
UP 200 Sled Dog Race
Double cool. Below zero nights and cool dogs!
Snow in the Upper Peninsula
Snow is cool. Pine is cool.
Quincy Mine
Double cool! Have you ever taken the tour? It’s very cool down there.
Skiing in the Upper Peninsula
Double cool! A little frostbite while looking good and staying fit.
Upper Peninsula Forests
Forests are cool and the Upper Peninsula has lots of those.
Marquette Ore Dock
. Secondly, this old ore dock is amazing! Thirdly, after checking it out you can get yourself a cool beer at Ore Dock Brewing. Now just how cool is that?
Tahquamenon Falls
Totally cool! It’s the third most voluminous vertical waterfall east of the Mississippi River
Marquette, Michigan
Double cool! Ice. Lighthouses. Lake Superior. The cool just keeps on coming.
Bishop Baraga Shrine
Cool! Bishop Baraga left a legacy in the Upper Peninsula, nobody has a bigger statue. Some even call it the Spider Jesus. You gotta admit that’s cool too.