The 9 most popular posts of 2009

1st Snowstorm of  Winter
Photo by [The Photom on Flickr]( "1st Snowstorm of Winter by The Photom, on Flickr")
  1. Why the Upper Peninsula is Not Part of Wisconsin
    Learning more about the Upper Peninsula’s history has been quite helpful. I couldn’t be happier about this post being the most popular post of 2009. What was particularly cool is that this same topic ended up being featured on NPR after they did a feature titled A Trip U.P. North. Was great having national exposure for the Upper Peninsula and was fun to do a small interview with them.
  2. Upper Peninsula Twitter Accounts to Follow
    Twitter seemed to be one of the top news story across the entire year. Every day another celebrity’s Twitter feed is talked about, or a news breaks on Twitter, and of course the growth in social media as a whole. The greatest thing… using Twitter to connect with Yoopers who are now dispersed all over the world.
  3. 2009 Midwest Super Park – Marquette Mountain
    This past Sunday I was watching snowboard cross on NBC and sure enough there was Nick Baumgartner from Iron River, competing and hopeful for a shot at the 2010 Winter Olympics. Nick is seen in the 3rd photograph on this post pulling a rodeo flip. There is some serious talent always coming out of skiers, snowboarders and other winter sports in the Upper Peninsula.
  4. How…? Questions About the Upper Peninsula Answered
    I was determined to answer as many user questions as possible, and there is still a big list of them to go. I hope everyone else learned as much reading this post as I did writing and researching it. Feel free to leave your comment with some more questions and input.
  5. Biggest April Snowstorm in 10 Years
    Over the course of three days it went from a beautiful 75 degree day to a 12-inch snowstorm. Twelve inches of snow during January or February is to be expected, but even in the Upper Peninsula 12 inches of snow is a rare thing in April. Thanks to my mom for supplying some great photos. You can share your Upper Peninsula photos on the Yooper Steez Flickr group.
  6. Final Four Basketball Floor, Made in the Upper Peninsula
    As a Michigan State alum I was happy to see my alma mater playing for the national title. But wow, it went a lot deeper than that this year. They were playing in Detroit, coached by Yooper Tom Izzo and the floor they were playing on was assembled in the Upper Peninsula.
  7. Another Map Missing the Upper Peninsula
    Nothing new here, we’re all familiar with maps missing the Upper Peninsula, or sometimes labeled incorrectly. In fact I just saw a Biggby billboard that used the phrase “Michigan based”. Too bad the graphic on the billboard only had the lower peninsula of Michigan. But, at least the government won’t make that mistake anymore thanks to Mike Lahti.
  8. NMU Closes Again Due to “Inclement” Weather, Really?
    C’mon NMU, this is the Upper Peninsula. In my opinion if it’s 1 degree with a windchill of -14, school better be open. Sure, elementary schools should have a different set of rules. But really, a college student in the Upper Peninsula should know how to dress for winter. What’s your take?
  9. Bird’s Eye View of the Upper Peninsula
    A look at the Upper Peninsula from Google Maps and the satellites. We’re used to seeing the beauty of the Upper Peninsula from ground level. What most impresses me (especially after having been to the top) is how fragile the Mackinac Bridge looks from far above. From that angle it looks like it could be snapped like a twig.

Thanks for all the help in 2009 to everyone who submitted potential blog topics, articles to read, posted comments, ordered shirts, joined the Facebook page, subscribed to the blog, took photos, and all sorts of other things. There are some great plans to grow Yooper Steez further in 2010. Make it a great year.