Word 'Yooper' Used at Least Once in Jeopardy History

With over 8,100 episodes of Jeopardy aired to date we are happy to say that the term “Yooper” was used at least once in the 40 year plus history of the show.

The term “Yoopers” gained a little more recognition on November 26th, 2003.

It was the second round, Double Jeopardy, of the hit game show under the category of “Odd Words” when the answer appeared for $1,600.


“Yoopers are people from this part of Michigan.”

Karen Kratzer, a tax accountant from Annapolis, MD answered correctly with “What is the Upper Peninsula?”

She went on to win for a total of $22,700 and went on to win a second day in a row. Karen, you made all of Yoopers proud, and hopefully you have been to this beautiful part of the country. We should probably award Karen as an honorary Yooper, we won’t know if anyone else would have got the correct answer, but Karen did.

Our biggest curiosity is who is the writer that came up with the “odd word” of Yooper.

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