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Yooper Scott Murray Wins Gold Medal for Moto X Double Backflip

Scott Murrary from Helps, MI won a gold medal today for his double backflip in the best trick competition at the Moto X Championships. ESPN featured Murrary on the top 10 plays today, landing him the #5 play of the day.

Murray attempted the double backflip during the Summer X games and came up short.

Today was a different story. Also note that the announcers say, “…from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan”. Thanks for representing the U.P. Scott!

“It took over a year and a half, but eccentric Moto X rider Scott Murray re-introduced the double back to its native environment and won Gold in Best Trick.”


Murray also made the front page of Awesome to see a fellow Yooper making news not just nationally, but this will be news worldwide in Moto X.

Scott Murray got held up by security. He wasn’t credentialed to enter the awards paddock, and guards refused to let him pass without one.

Murray pleaded his case for admittance, claiming to be an athlete with a Moto X World Championships medal awaiting him on the podium.

The guards weren’t buying it. This guy didn’t have the requisite tattoos or energy drink accoutrements, looking more like a roadie for Lynard Skynard than the second freestyle motocross rider ever to perform a double backflip on dirt.

Several witnesses finally convinced security to stand down, allowing Murray to claim his just reward. This unknown from Helps, Mich., won the Best Trick competition of the inaugural Moto X World Championships with a double backflip first accomplished by Travis Pastrana in 2006.

–Scott Bair, North County Times

After receiving press and sponsorship around the world in just a short time, Murray has reached a new level of success in his Moto X career.

A new video of Scott Murray’s double backflip

*Update August 1st, 2008