Putting the Upper Peninsula on the Map

There have been some great discussion on Yooper Steez regarding the map of Michigan and geographic layout of our state. Mainly what constitutes “northern” Michigan, maps without the Upper Peninsula, and why the Upper Peninsula is not part of Wisconsin.

In the last few weeks both the Daily Mining Gazette and WLUC TV6 have published articles on State Rep. Michael Lahti’s (D-Hancock) efforts to have the Upper Peninsula represented Michigan images published by the State of Michigan.

After receiving several letters, Lahti made a point of writing a bill after the Michigan Economic Development Corporation released an advertisement featuring Jeff Daniels that left the Upper Peninsula off the state of Michigan.

Hopefully bill HB 4995 will remedy this.

To think that 1/3 of the land is left off of the Michigan map is absurd. Not to mention that the Upper Peninsula has given the State of Michigan two National Parks, access to Lake Superior, Mackinac Island, the amazing Mackinac Bridge, the Soo Locks, and an incredible amount of natural resources with copper, iron ore, and wood products. And this is all left off of official state documents?

It’s kind of embarrassing that a bill has to be passed to represent the entire state of Michigan on state documents. What are your thoughts?

*UPDATE: This was also covered by USA Today “Michigan’s Upper Peninsula lobbies to be included on maps”