President Obama to Visit Marquette

In the history of the Upper Peninsula only two incumbent presidents of the USA have reportedly visited the Upper Peninsula. President William Taft visited in 1911 and President George W. Bush visited in 2004 while on the campaign trail.

For the third time the incumbent United States President will visit the Upper Peninsula. President Barack Obama is scheduled to visit Marquette on Thursday, February 10.

Reports say that he’ll be speaking about wireless networks and perhaps about specific Upper Peninsula companies that have benefited from the expansion of broadband access. That means will load faster too.

All politics aside we’re really excited to see another incumbent president visit the Upper Peninsula, something that has only happened twice before. However, other presidents have visited the U.P. either before or after their terms.

Not all of the details have been released yet, but we’ll keep you posted as we hear more about times and locations. Also, feel free to shoot us a message if you learn more about details. Not sure if there will be some kind of tickets available for the public, if so we’d like to help get some elementary or high school students there to attend.

Here is the White House press release.

UPDATE – Feb 8

Word is that Obama’s talk will be by invite only but will also be visiting a local business. He’ll be promoting Northern Michigan University’s WiMax wireless system, which is a state of the art wireless system.