Poll Results: What is Your LEAST Favorite Month in the Upper Peninsula?

Least Favorite Upper Peninsula Month

No love for February

28.4% of votes selected February as their least favorite month in the Upper Peninsula.

No explanation is needed here. We can all safely assume it has to do with being in the middle of a long winter with lots of snow. It probably has nothing to do with being the shortest month of the year or Valentine’s Day.

An impressive 75.3% of voters picked either January, February, March or April for their least favorite month. There appears to be just no love for winter.

Reading through some of the guestbook entries has shed a little light on the subject. Interestingly enough Brian Richards said this of his favorite U.P. tradition…

Aside from the obvious-pasties, saunas, and such, I think what my favorite tradition is just dealing with the trials and tribulations of feet of snow on a regular basis. I guess that falls into a way of life whether we like it or not rather than a tradition but lets not split hairs.

— Brian Richards

Now take a look at our poll results for favorite month in the upper peninsula

Favorite Upper Peninsula Month

There are a few shared votes for February and July being either a favorite or least favorite month. With the number of skiers, snowmobilers, and hockey players we’re a bit shocked so many people don’t like the winter months.

Those few people who voted for their favorite month in the winter are quite likely to be the same people voting that the summer months are their least favorite.

Regardless, just as Brian said, it’s a “way of life”.

If you’re one of the 75.3% who voted one of the winter months as your least favorite, why do you make the winter sacrifice to continue living in the U.P. through the long cold winter?

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