Plaidurday in the Upper Peninsula

Friday, October 3rd, is Plaidurday 2014!

If you’ve been a fan or customer of Yooper Steez for a year or longer, you’ll know that we love to celebrate Plaidurday. As Yoopers, we are fortunate to be immersed in a culture plentiful with plaid. However, there are many places without this same fortune. And that’s the goal, to share this the joy with everyone, because in the end we’re all connected by a common thread.

What we have noticed while observing other Plaidurday events, is that it has helped in building community and friendships. No agendas, nobody asking for donations, just fun and laughs. Since starting Yooper Steez in 2008 it’s been all about having fun, and Plaidurday is just that. Come have some fun with plaid!

There is still time to host your own Plaidurday event!

Here are the upcoming Plaidurday events across the Upper Peninsula.

MQT Plaidurday

Marquette Plaidurday

We’re planning a big photo in Marquette! Let’s try and get as many people as we can to assemble in Downtown Marquette for an epic photo of plaid. Oh, and you know we’ll be giving out some free swag.



What if, for one day, we were able to change the name of Gladstone, to Plaidstone? That’s what we’d like to do, and we’ve been talking to the find folks at the City of Gladstone to make it happen.

Plaidurday with Stormy Kromer

Stormy Kromer Plaid

Since the beginning, Stormy Kromer has been a big supporter of Plaidurday. I mean it’s kind of obvious, they make some amazing plaid products, some of the best in the world. They’ll be having a sale, giving factory tours, we even heard word of plaid cookies!

Baraga Vikings celebrate Plaidurday

Barga Vikings

The Baraga Vikings are bringing home the creator of Plaidurday to speak at his alma mater. He just so happens that he’s the creator of Yooper Steez as well. The K-12 will assemble to try and break the current Plaidurday photo record of most people in a photo wearing plaid.

3rd Annual Plaidurday in da Keweenaw

Keweenaw Brewing Company

The fine folks of the Keweenaw know how to throw a good Plaidurday party. This will be the third year they gather at the Keweenaw Brewing Company. How can you go wrong with that? Even Richard Branson enjoys a KBC.

Plaidurday at LSSU

LSSU Plaidurday

LSSU is representing Plaidurday in the EUP, hosted by our friends at CommAlliance. The Alliance is up to some good things with service learning in Sault Ste. Marie. They’re having a photo contest, so get your plaids ready in The Soo! Oh, and they’re giving away some Steez gear too.