NMU Closes Again Due to 'Inclement' Weather, Really?

Ore dock
Photo courtesy of [Blondie Yooper](http://www.flickr.com/photos/blondieyooper/3200849152/ "Ore dock by Blondieyooper, on Flickr")

So it’s been a few cold days in the Upper Peninsula, the coldest of the winter so far. But I was shocked to find out that NMU wasn’t only closed yesterday, but that they’re closed again today!

So here I am in Marquette (yes, I know I’m inside where it’s nice and warm, I even have brand new windows to help out a bit), and as I look outside from my desk it’s absolutely beautiful out. The sun is bright, and the sky is clear.

What’s the problem I have with this, you ask? According to NMU’s website,

“NMU is closed for Friday, January 16, due to inclement weather.”


Really, this is inclement weather? Perhaps I was always under the impression that inclement meant stormy. Let’s have a look…

According to Answers.com inclement means:
1. Stormy: inclement weather.
2. Showing no clemency; unmerciful.

According to Webster’s
1. Archaic : severe in temper or action : unmerciful
2. Physically severe : stormy

Inclement weather? I think not.

According to TV6 right now it is about 1 degree right now with a wind chill of -14 degrees. Alright, that’s a bit balmy, no doubt.

I understand closing elementary schools for temperatures that get into the negative double digits. But for a college campus? Surely college students should know how to dress properly by now and of course anyone should if they’re from the Upper Peninsula. Weeks like this is what makes the Upper Peninsula what it is.

I’ll be going outside in a few minutes myself to do my errands. I’ll be putting on an extra pair of socks, some thermals, and I’ll be good to go.

It’s not often I make rant’s here on Yooper Steez, but I was inspired last night after my roommate told me NMU was closed and we both agreed that it was ridiculous.

What’s your take on the cold weather and school closings? Please comment below.

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