NEW T-shirt Colors are here!

Yooper Tee Shirt
### A Higher Quality Yooper Steez Tee

This round of shirts are made in the USA! They are printed on American Apparel’s 2001 t-shirt, and wow are they soft and cozy. Definitely a very comfortable shirt. They are a little longer than the previous versions as well.

Yoopers Across the World

Yooper Steez shirts have now been to 6 of the 7 continents around the world, including over a dozen countries! Antarctica remains, but yes, I do have a plan to get a shirt to Antarctica. However, if you have some awesome connection to get one there as well just let me know.

They have been shipped to almost 40 of the 50 states. I’m really hoping we can knock off those remaining states.

Keep sending your steez photos in! There are lots more to go up, but before I do that I’m working on a better way to display them and a more interactive way to browse the photos, stay tuned for that!

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