Miners Castle in Super High Resolution

Photography has been one of my biggest hobbies for several years now and it was a few years ago when I started following one of my favorite ongoing photography projects, The Gigapxl Project.

I was fortunate do a pretty cool project of my own starting two years back when I left on a 50-state tour for a year. For that year there were a number of small world connections and strange coincidences. One of my favorites and most unbelievable of the entire trip was when I was being given a tour of the Montana State Capitol.

The Gigapixel Project
While I was there I noticed some guy wheeling in this equipment on a cart and it caught my curiosity what it was for. So there I was outside one of the rooms and notice a guy working with this enormous camera setup. And it hit me, “THAT’S HIM! That’s the Gigapxl Project.” Sure enough it was. And of all the places I could have been or he could have been, there was Graham Flint taking a photo with his enormous 100 pound camera. It was remarkable.

To give you some additional information, The Gigapxl Project has developed a very high-teach camera that produces images that are the equivalent to a 1 gigapixel image. To put that in perspective if you have a 10mp camera, the image would be 100 times that size. A 1gp image at full resolution is about the size of a billboard. In other words, the detail of these images are incredibly remarkable. Take a look at the sample gallery for more information.

It was just this evening when telling a friend about the project that I discovered inspiration for this post. So now that I have done more foreshadowing than would ever be necessary I’ll jump to the point of this entry. For all the places in the world the Gigapxl camera has gone, we are fortunate to be able to say it came right here to the Upper Peninsula back in 2006 (the same year I had my run-in while in Montana).

Though there may be other photographs from the Upper Peninsula that they took, on their website they feature a few images from Miners Castle at Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore.

Miners Castle
Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore

What’s more impressive yet is a measure of chance and luck. The photo was taken just in time before one of the towers at Miners Castle went plummeting into the water in April 2006. And of the thousands of photos taken from that point with the classic view of Miners Castle this is without a doubt the highest resolution photo even taken there.

As a photography myself a tip to any other photography enthusiasts out there would be to check out the Gigapxl Project.

Also as a short side note, there is also a photo posted of our own capitol in Lansing. Notice the fine details on the flag and sign in proportion to how small they are in the full scale image.