Miners Castle, Before and After April 13th, 2006

On April 13th, 2006 the famous landscape of Miners Castle changed forever.

One of just two National Parks in the Upper Peninsula, Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore attracts thousands of visitors year after year. Miners Castle has always been a favorite photos of tourists, photographers, and postcard photos.

The classic Miners Castle vantage point…

Miner's Castle

Photo by HSFatherOf4 on Flickr

Miner's Castle before it fell

Photo by Spauldi1 on Flickr

As of April 13th, 2006 it will never look the same. All of those tourist photos became a part of history. And all those postcards had to be photographed all over again as half the “castle” went plummeting off the cliff into the depths of Lake Superior.

After April 13th 2006…

Miners Castle

Photo by TigerLily18 on Flickr

Miners Castle

Photo by TigerLily18 on Flickr