List of Michigan State Symbols

Michigan State Flag

I figure we could all be a little better off if we all knew Michigan’s state symbols a little better. Though most of us have read them or seen them elsewhere, not many people can run through them all off the top of the head. So for today, a brief Michigan education on something we could all probably brush up on.

Bird: American Robin

Michigan State Bird, Robin

Fish: Brook Trout

The Michigan Fish: Brook Trout

Flower: Apple Blossom

Michigan Flower: Apple Blossom

Fossil: Mastodon

Michigan Fossil: Mastadon

Mammal: White-tailed Deer

Michigan Mammal: White Tailed Deer

Gem: Isle Royale Greenstone or Chlorastrolite

Michigan Gem Stone: Chlorastrolite (GreenStone)

Nicknames: Wolverine State, Great Lakes State

The Wolverine State, The Great Lakes State

Reptile: Western Painted Turtle

Michigan Reptile, The Western Painted Turtles

Soil: Kalkaska Sand

Michigan Soil: Kalkaska Sand

Song: My Michigan

“My Michigan” is not the song of Michigan, it is merely considered a song of Michigan. You can read more about the history at

Stone: Petoskey Stone

The Michigan Petoskey Stone

Tree: Eastern White Pine

Michigan Tree: Eastern White Pine

Wildflower: Dwarf Lake Iris

Michigan State Wildflower, Dwarf Lake Iris

2004 Michigan Quarter

Michigan State Quarter

Anything else you think we should have be a symbol of Michigan, or the U.P. for that matter?

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