Life Magazine Archives and the Upper Peninsula

Frank Scherschel, 1961.

Life Magazine

The history of Life magazine has proved overtime to be one of the greatest archives of the United States history and arguably the most popular periodical of all time. Generally there are three large eras of Life. From 1883 to 1936 it was a general interest and humor magazine published weekly.

During 1936 Heny Luce (founder of Time magazine) purchased Life for $92,000. It’s focused changed to photojournalism and would remain a weekly publication through 1978. At that time it would become a general interest monthly publication.

It was just earlier this month that Google and Life announced a partnership to release their image archive.

Naturally, the first thing I searched was for the Upper Peninsula. According to the Google archive seven photos have been published in Life Magazine throughout the years. Have a look…

John Olson, 1971, Aerial of man canoeing in lily-padded lake in the Upper Peninsula.

Frank Scherschel, 1961, Munising Falls in Upper Peninsula.

Frank Scherschel, 1961, Tahquamenon Falls.