Jeff Finger Autographed Yooper Steez T-shirt Giveaway!

Out of the 600+ players in the NHL, there is only one who was born and raised in the Upper Peninsula, Jeff Finger. Born and raised in Houghton, Finger was selected in the 1999 NHL Entry Draft.

Yoopers in the NHL

And the winner is…..

Ben B. of Grand Haven

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Jeff Finger
and showed signs of a promising career in the NHL. He finished with 19 points as a defenceman.

On July 1st, Finger was signed by the Toronto Maple Leafs for a whopping 4-year $14million contract. On October 9th, Finger will make his debut with the Maple Leafs in their season opener against right here in Michigan against the Red Wings.

Previous shirt won by Kimberly in Reston, VA

Jeff Finger Autography of the Tortonto Maple Leafs

A big thank you goes out to our friend Joe who hooked us up with the Jeff Finger connection, he also snagged this photo out in Colorado.

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