Introducing the Lake Superior Sharks

At Yooper Steez there are a lot of things we love. We love to have fun. We love Lake Superior. And we love sharks!

A while back (nearly three years) I started dreaming up the idea of the Lake Superior Sharks. I mean what if there were sharks in Lake Superior?! Well now there are! The Lake Superior Sharks are a fictional sports team with the goal of being the greatest fictional sports team in North America. This is where the fun comes in and we hope you’ll join us. We’d love to see you rockin’ an awesome Sharks t-shirt and hat. And while we’re at it, we’re just going to run with it and let people believe that, yeah, maybe there are sharks in Lake Superior!

At first we’ll start with some shirts and stickers. But then we’re going to need a roster. We’ll be recruiting and have tryouts to build the greatest team. What sports? We’ll start with hockey and basketball. Think of Lake Superior Sharks as a university team, we have several sports!

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