Going Full Throttle at the 2015 I-500 Snowmobile Race

On the first Saturday of February in Sault Ste. Marie you’ll find passionate snowmobiling fans gathered to watch the annual I-500 Snowmobile Race. The 500 mile race takes place on a 1-mile track. We’ll help with the math, that’s 500 laps!

The 47th annual featured an overcast February morning. However, by mid-afternoon the snow was falling and visibility was was diminishing. Race organizers called the race after 282 laps due to the poor visibility. Brian Dick and Wes Selby took the trophy home along with $17,677.

Gabe Bunk was looking for his 4th straight title but came up a couple positions short in 3rd place. However, he did take home nearly $13,000. There’s a lot more than cash at stake. 15 teams are awarded with various trophies from memorial winners to rookies.

Next year we’ll bring a big trailer, some tailgating gear, and grill a few steaks. If we handed out a prize, it would be for the best tailgaters. We’ll be on the lookout in 2016.

Oh, and one more (nerdy) thing. With a reminiscent sound and traveling about the same speed, the racing snowmobiles provided many flashbacks to the speeder bikes in Return of the Jedi. Replace the orange helmets with white ones and they almost look like Stormtroopers.

2015 Race Results

1**\#15**Dick/SelbyChristian BrosArctic Cat
2**\#21**Dewald/Lian/MiaskochCadarette CollisionArctic Cat
3**#74**Bunke/Christiansen/BunkeBunke RacingPolaris
4**\#537**Faust/Kindle/Faust/Hetteen/KadlecBunke RacingPolaris
5**\# 32**Young/Ball/VermeerschPiche PerformancePolaris
6****\#02****Potter/HicksTeam Blu
7**\#14**Davidson/Gentz/KolbusBeard Motorsports/Gentz Racing
8**\#52**Simmons/HerfindahlChristian Bros.Arctic Cat
9**#3**Davidson/Hjelle/CarsenXLT EngineeringPolaris
10**#5**Bouman/BoumanLMB SpeedshopPolaris
i500 snowmobile race
sault ste marie snowmobile race
Tailgating the i500 Snowmobile Race
Fans of the i500 Snowmobile Race
i500 snowmobile race fans

Our favorite part, however, is the kids Mini-5 race. Something about these little kids wearing big helmets is pretty adorable. And they have no fear!

mini 5 kids race the soo
sault ste marie mini 5 kids race
upper peninsula snowmobile race
upper peninsula kids snowmobile race
i500 mini 5 kids snowmobile race
wolf hat

And this is how you qualify…