THIS JUST IN! Google Street View Comes to Marquette and the Upper Peninsula

Wow! I can’t believe me eyes. Not five minutes ago I was bumming around my apartment polishing off a bag of M&Ms while looking out the window facing Baraga Avenue here in Marquette. And there it was… a Google Maps street view car!

I’m sure you have all used Google Maps a number of times. I probably explore the country via Google Maps almost once a day to look up where various towns are in the country or world. I’m sure that many of you have also toyed with the amazing feature of Google Maps Street View and if you haven’t I’m sure you’ve heard of it. And if you have not tried it, check out Google Maps today and explore your favorite city via Street View where you can virtually walk down the street of any neighborhood.

A few times this year I’ve done a little research to find out exactly how Google does this. I came across several photos of their fleet of Chevrolet Cobalts with interesting 360 degree view cameras on the top. Sadly today, I was too slow to go out and chase the car. I want to find out who these people are behind the wheel. However, it’s Google, they’re probably just driven by robots.

In case you’re wondering, this is exactly what I saw drive by. Same model, same color, and same camera contraption on top.

Google Maps Street View Car

The Upper Peninsula is one of the most rural areas of the country, especially on the eastern side of the Mississippi. As of today there are NO street views available on Google Maps in the Upper Peninsula.

Though you’ll have to just take my word for now, we can see just how long it takes before we see street view available on Google Maps right here in Marquette! Let’s also hope they got some street view images driving across the Mackinac Bridge!