Google Street View Finally Crosses the Mackinac Bridge!

Several months ago while sitting in this location I noticed a funny looking car drive by my apartment window. I followed up with my initial hunch with some research and came to the hypothesis that it must have been a Google Maps Street View car.

It’s possible that my hypothesis was wrong. Several others agreed to seeing the same car, but no evidence yet.

I decided it was time to follow up on the status. In the last several months Google Street View has expanded their range dramatically. However, it hasn’t quite mapped out the Upper Peninsula. But, they have mapped out I-75 and gone over the Mackinac Bridge.

When driving over the Mighty Mack it’s quite difficult (especially for driver rather than passenger) to take time and enjoy it. But thanks to Google Street View you can now stop on the bridge and look in nearly a 360 degree perspective.

Check it out for yourself

[View Larger Map](,-84.727392&panoid=AsjAF5QpXX4pp2LoH8b8LA&cbp=12,20.464477891340152,,0,-7.322946175637376&ll=45.820213,-84.727392&spn=0,358.545685&z=10&source=embed)

I’m at least one person fascinated by the power of Google Street View, especially now that the biggest icon of Michigan is finally on there. Hopefully it’s in the works to map out the rest of the Upper Peninsula.

And if you’re looking for another unique perspective of the Mackinac Bridge, check it out from the top of the south tower.