Google Analytics updates their Michigan map

For over two years this blog entry title Ugliest Michigan Map Ever has been one of the most popular blog entries on Yooper Steez. It has generated a couple dozen comments and stories of other maps, perhaps mislabeling the Upper Peninsula or missing the U.P. altogether. However, thanks to Representative Lahti, at least the State of Michigan is trying to fix the issue.

I love geography and maps and have thoroughly enjoyed all writing the blog posts and reading the commentary readers have left. The map of Michigan is always a point of discussion, whether it’s using your hand to show someone where you live, talking about the Great Lakes or two fine peninsulas, and of course finding maps that are missing the Upper Peninsula (oh, and of course wearing it a t-shirt too and explaining that it’s not an ink blot).

Today I’m happy to discover that the map I see on Google Analytics every day has finally been updated. It sure looks a lot better.

Let me know your thoughts.

Old map

Michigan Map

New map

michigan map