Fish Fryday #2: Skipper's L'Anse

This is our second installment of Fish Frydays. On a not-quite-weekly but more-than-monthly schedule, we will patronize a new fish fry location in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. These outings will take place on Friday evening, with a review posted the following Monday. The goal is simple, try as many fish fry locations across the Upper Peninsula as possible while in the presence of good company. Have a suggestion? Please leave your suggestions in the comments below.

Fish: Fried whitefish and lake trout
Beverage: UPA, Upper Hand Brewery
Time commitment: 30-60 minutes
Total: 11/15 stars
Price: $$$

Skipper’s has been open in downtown L’Anse for about six months. They are a bar and grill that features a variety of Italian cuisine. They offer a new casual dining atmosphere in Baraga County, a welcome addition adding variety in a county with few late night ding options. And what sweet owners! We had a chance to visit with Sylvia who was gracious and welcoming.

Fish 4/5

A fish fry that arrives in a basket with paper cups for tarter sauce and coleslaw is always a good sign. A basket is the most proper way to serve fish fry. Skipper’s offers one choice for fish fry which is a battered mix of whitefish and lake trout. The breading was light and crispy. Without a doubt, my favorite feature is the snackable pieces, perfect for dipping in the tarter sauce. No fork necessary for this place! The whitefish was slightly more favorable and moist than the trout, but your fish preferences my differ. Another bonus of Skipper’s is it’s an all you can eat fish fry. You certainly won’t go hungry here.

Skipper's Fish Fry, L'Anse, Michigan
Fish Fry in L'Anse, Michigan

Sides 4/5

Truthfully, I usually skip on crinkle-cut fries, and while not the best fries I’ve ever had, these may very well be the best crinkle-cut fries I’ve had. They were fantastically seasoned, a great texture, the right amount of saltiness, and a healthy portion. The homemade slaw was gone in a hurry, it was cold and crisp, just how I like it. The meal was paired with a UPA from Upper Hand Brewery.

Atmosphere 3/5

Skipper’s is a great place for a party of two or a party of eight. There is plenty of seating and a large bar to catch the latest sporting event. It’s a casual atmosphere where you can walk in on a Friday night without a wait. And on those busy nights they do take reservations and have a great takeout menu. The environment was a little loud and lacks some intimacy if you’re on an important date. We couldn’t be more pleased with the service and kindness of the staff. Oh, and the best part about Skipper’s is the view of Baraga! Oh c’mon, I’m from Baraga, go Vikings!

From here on out company is going to be difficult to beat as round two was with my wonderful parents, Byron and Nancy! They enjoyed sharing some embarrassing childhood stories with my girlfriend Angie. We reminisced about 50 state road trips, family memories, and made plans for a Sunday hike at Canyon Falls. Canyon Falls is where I fell in love with winter photography as a teenager. To make the trip complete there was a Yooper Steez sighting of the Tree Ring edition, turned out it was my childhood neighbor whose hockey skills I had admired since I started skating. We’ll see you again soon Skipper’s!