First Steez Photo

It’s official, Yooper Steez is up and running, and for our 3rd Photo Friday we’re featuring the very first of our “Steez Photos“. The shoveling must get done, and what better to represent than the Yooper Scooper, a classic icon of the Upper Peninsula.

But we know you can do better. Shirts are available, snag one up, snap some photos, and submit them here.

Yooper Steez Yooper Scooper

We want to see your steez!

Take a photo wearing your Yooper Steez shirt across Michigan, United States, and all of planet Earth! We want to see the U.P. represented in front of the Eiffel Tower, Great Wall of China, Statue of Liberty, Grand Canyon, and anywhere else. Whatever the photo is, if someone is wearing a Yooper Steez shirt we want to post it on the site.

We’ll hook you up with prizes for your best photos of…

  • The Steez shirt photographed the furthest away from the U.P.
  • Snagging a snapshot with someone famous
  • The biggest and coolest sites in the world
  • And anything else you come up with
  • The more creative and fun the better!
  • Submit as many as you’d like