Film Found in the Huron Mountains and Developed 20 Years Later

Today I stumbled across an intriguing set of photos on Flickr. In 1991 James Baldiga found a roll of film in the woods near a waterfall in the Huron Mountains. It seems a little mysterious to me, a crashed helicopter and a trellis with flowers? The comments on Flickr suggest most of the photos were taken from the USS Battleship Alabama Memorial Park in Mobile, AL. He has this to say about it…

I found this roll of film in the Summer of 1991, in the woods, near a well-known waterfall in the Huron Mountains of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

After almost 20 years, I finally had it developed.

Was that really a helicopter crash?

Who are these people?

Where were they?

If I ever find another roll of unexposed film, I probably won’t wait as long to get it developed.

I’d love to hear about it if you recognize any of the places or people in these photos.

My hope is that we can figure something out, so feel free to leave a comment. A few of the photos are included below and you can see the rest of them on the Flickr gallery.

Film 1991
Group of elders
USS Battleship Alabama Memorial Park
CH-46 Sea Knight
The lone house