July is the Favorite Month in the Upper Peninsula

After asking “What is your favorite month in the Upper Peninsula?” it turns out that two months are tied for the least favorite months in the Upper Peninsula: April and December.

We launched this poll several weeks ago (check out our latest poll) and it took a long time before anyone listed April as their favorite month.

It’s no surprise after the first half of April in 2008. We still have two weeks of April to go, and some U.P. towns have seen the biggest snowstorm of the year this month and several inches of snow since. Yoopers are teased with spring in April and the snow still looms around the corner. Everyone is anxious for spring, as we are right now.

On the other hand, July seems to be the favorite month in the Upper Peninsula, with a cluster of votes coming for August, September, and October as well. One surprise is that November is not higher. With the popularity of deer season in the Upper Peninsula it seems that November would have more votes.

For those of you who can’t stand April, just two weeks left, and your favorite month of July is approaching.

If you did or didn’t get the chance to vote, please comment below and elaborate on your favorite month to be in the Upper Peninsula. Looking forward to your responses.

Upper Peninsula's Favorite Month

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