Detroit Red Wings 2008 Stanley Cup Champions!

Dallas Drake and Detroit Red Wings Stanley Cup Champions

The Detroit Red Wings are 2008 Stanley Cup Champions!

Two weeks ago we featured a blog post about Northern Michigan University alumni Dallas Drake. After over 1,000 games in 16 career seasons in the National Hockey League the NMU alum has won his first Stanley Cup.

As tradition has it the captain, Nick Lidstrom, received the Stanley Cup first. And in case you didn’t watch it, before the cup was handed to any of the all stars, the starting players, the famous names, it was handed to role player Dallas Drake first. It’s a testimony to his presence as a Detroit Red Wing and his dedication to 16 years in the NHL.

During the first round of the playoffs captain Nick Lidstrom decided he would pass the Stanley Cup to Dallas Drake first.

“I didn’t tell anyone about it. It felt natural to me to give it to him for all the effort and hours and everything he’s put into the game.”

— Nick Lidstrom

Later on during the celebration in the locker room Drake stated:

“It was a little heavier than I thought, and it didn’t help that my knees were shaking.”

— Dallas Drake

Dallas Drake has made Northern Michigan Alumni proud, as perhaps their most successful hockey alumni in history. Perhaps when Drake, a resident of Traverse City, has his day with the Stanley Cup he’ll bring it to Marquette.

A big congratulations to the Detroit Red Wings for winning their 4th Stanley Cup in 11 seasons. There are a lot of die-hard Red Wings fan in the U.P., and a lot of fans cheering for the wings.