Jeff Daniels Discusses the Upper Peninsula on David Letterman

“You know what I’m always curious about? The Upper Peninsula.” – David Letterman

After some banter about hunting, fishing, and drinking Letterman goes on to ask Jeff Daniels why the Upper Peninsula is not part of Wisconsin. We were surprised that Mr. Daniels wasn’t able to answer the question. Well, we have an answer for that!

They followed with some chat about Mackinac Island (yes, it’s pronounced MackiNAW, not MackiNACK, and not to be confused with Mackinaw City) and the “longest porch in the history of porches”. That would be the Grand Hotel. A frequent question we get is, “Is Mackinac Island considered the Upper Peninsula?” And yes, it is. They have a 906 area code across the island and it’s actually at a higher latitude than the Mackinac Bridge.

Thanks to our friend @jen_humphries for giving us the heads up on this interview, as we’re always looking for instances of people talking about the Upper Peninsula in the national media.