Connecting Yoopers Across the Globe: 12 Yooper Facebook Groups to Join

At Yooper Steez we love the latest in the world wide web, including social networking. We’re also hoping to reach Yoopers across the globe.

After merging those two ideas we thought it’d be great to give you an awesome list of Yooper related Facebook Groups. Though these are far from all the groups, they are some of favorites and most unique.

The Yooper Appreciation and Protection Society

“This group is for everyone that has ever encountered the ethnicity known as ‘Yooper’, and feels the need to embrace and appreciate the Upper Peninsula. The people that live in the Upper Peninsula or the U.P. are called “Yoopers” and are proud of it. The people that live under the bridge are called “Trolls.” Although Yoopers are generally considered to be citizens of the State of Michigan, they constantly yearn for release. With their own culture, dialect, and food the Yoopers perhaps should be considered a nationality.”

For Yooper Girls Only

“A collection of women from Michigan’s beautiful Upper Peninsula. Women from the U.P are better, stronger, smarter and prettier than women from all other places. You can only be a Yooper Girl if you have lived in the U.P. for at least 20 years.”

Ya know yer a yooper when…

“You use the Yooper Rule of Apostrophes: dinty = didn’t he; shounta = shouldn’t have; and wounta = wouldn’t have. Gotta love the U.P. Language!
The word “Eh” seems to find its way onto the end of every sentence.
You leave you beers outsite to get cold.
You break something and then fix it with duct tape.
You refer to downtown Iron Mountain as a classic example of urban decay.”

Yooper Bar Fan Club

“The ultimate fan club for those yoopers and beyond that are in love with the ultimate chocolate bar – The Yooper Bar!”

Give da yooper back to wisconsin eh!

“I met a dude from Mich. the other day, the real Mich, not the UP and he was a complete tool. So in honor of that bag of douche and others like him, I’m starting a petition for Wisconsin to take control of the UP. Frick man, its not even connected to Mich. WTF mate?”

Yooper and Yooper wanna-be’s

“This is a group for all of those people who are Yoopers and are in a different state, but still want to show they are Yoopers. It is for those who unitentionally say “eh!” when they are talking. It is also for all of those who want to become Yoopers or get to know some Yoopers. If you dont know what a Yooper is, it is anyone who comes from the upper peninsula of Michigan.”

I think I’m getting a Yooper accent!!

“If you think you might be going to the darkside…and getting YOOPERized!!!!!! If you have recently said ya, der, or any usage of the yooper dialect.”

I went to the U.P. and now I want a pet Yooper

“There are too many yoopers lost out in the wilderness up there that need a good home. Let’s be good citizens and take them under our wing and give them the experience of real english and the normal human culture…. Even though their true Yooperness is what makes them just so darn cute!!! Whatch out for Discovery Channel’s new series on Yoopers… I know they are planning on making one. Such rare and beautiful creatures they are”

Upper Michigan: We’re not part of Canada, Damnit!

“For all those with a slighty ridiculous yooper accent who are perfectly comfortable driving in 6 feet of fresh powder in August to the first day of school. Your rusty 1982 Chevy still runs and you are dressed to impress in your flannel shirt and your long underwear. You keep your beer cold by sticking it in a snowpile, and you own atleast one article of Carhartt clothing. Dignity is not an issue, since we are aware that yoopers have little to no etiquette and have come to terms with the fact that your girlfriend can out drink you and your two best friends combined. You start every sentence with “Da”, end every other sentence with “Eh”, and you feel completely comfortable peeing between the parked cars and bushes. You learned to shoot a gun before you could walk and yes, we are home to the worlds largest chainsaw, and the worlds largest rifle.”

Yeah i’m from the U.P.,but i’m not a $@%& hick!!!!

“this group is for any ‘yooper’ that is continually made fun of or laughed at because ‘we talks funEE’ and because we come from the U.P. Everybody other than a yooper makes fun of us only because they want to be a yooper.”

Petition Facebook to create a Upper Peninsula, MI region network

“For those you in the UP who are sick of not having your own region network—or worse yet, using the Green Bay or Thunder Bay region network. This is the biggest Upper Peninsula group on Facebook, containing more than 1.2% of the UP’s population! Everyone is welcome to join.”

The Upper Peninsula (U.P.) isnt Canada

“This group is created to clear up the fact that the U.P. of Michigan has no affiliation with Canada. Also to state when calling a Yooper a Candian it is a huge insult.”

So if you’re on Facebook, check out these groups for one more way to stay connected to the Upper Peninsula and show you’re Yooper pride.. And don’t forget to join the Yooper Steez Facebook page as well.

Also, which group should we award with the “Best Damn Yooper Facebook Group Award”? Let us know and we’ll do our best to hook up that group with some Yooper Steez.