Cold Rolled: Marquette Michigan's Snow Bike Route

It’s time for a new mountain bike, one fitted for snow and ice.

Marquette has been on a number of lists for best outdoors town in America. Everyone is familiar with the vast options for kayaking, skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking, and the list goes on. There is now an upcoming group of snow bikers and this 5-part documentary was put together showcasing what they’re up to on the trails.

Cold Rolled is an action documentary from Clear & Cold Cinema, Salsa Cycles and that will explore the history and progression of winter cycling culture in the small Lake Superior harbor town of Marquette, Michigan.

Marquette’s Noquemanon Trails Network has nearly perfected equipment and techniques used to launch its Snow Bike Route (SBR), a 15-mile winter singletrack developed for fat tire bikes. The fast narrow trail features flowy terrain, steep descents and large bermed turns. It’s believed to be the first trail of its kind–but more importantly, it’s pretty fun.