Celebrating Leap Day via an Outhouse in 2004

Today we are celebrating leap day! We’re very fortunate that Leap Day falls on a Friday, and we can celebrate with our weekly Photo Friday.

We wanted to celebrate by bringing you a photo that was taken on the last leap day. This was no easy task! Our idea was to search Flickr for a perfect photo taken in the Upper Peninsula exactly four years ago. However, Flickr wasn’t even founded until a few months later.

After some digging and hard work our search found that there was only one photo posted on Flickr that was taken on February 29th, 2004 in the Upper Peninsula. It couldn’t have been a better match, it was a quintessential photo of an outhouse brought to us by Jim Sisko. Now, we can celebrate Leap Day with great exuberance by admiring an iconic Upper Peninsula image, the outhouse.

Sadly the photo has been removed from Flickr! But we’re still hunting, for the lone picture taken on the last Leap Day in the Upper Peninsula. If you can find one, pass it along!

The Last Leap Day in the Upper Peninsula:

February 29th, 2004

Upper Peninsula Outhouse