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Catching Back Up With Yooper Steez

Cabin In the Woods

Photo courtesy of Ryan Cordell

Yooper Steez has been a bit stagnant in the first two weeks of 2009, at least on the front end. I wanted to post a quick update to everyone that I have been working hard on some back-end stuff (this means things like SQL, PHP, SEO, etc. Sounds exciting doesn’t it?) to give a better user experience.

Not too long ago I asked our readers if they would participate in an Upper Peninsula forum. I have been in the process of rolling that out on the back end of Yooper Scoop which should be seeing some other major upgrades in the coming weeks. The new forum will replace the existing guestbook as a place for Yoopers to connect, share stories, and communicate with each other.

There are plenty of new products around the corner as we also try to stir up some funding and expand. It has been a great experience to start my own business in the last year, and not without challenge.

Also, I am always looking for guest writers! If you have a topic, a story, or just about anything else you’d like to contribute to Yooper Steez please contact me today.

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