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Caption This Photo, Win a T-shirt: Car on a Snowbank

Photo by Andy Nelson-Zaleski of the Mining Journal

In what local law enforcement are referring to as ‘Typical Yooper Fashion’, a Marquette man has marooned his 1995 Buick LeSabre on a downtown snowbank. Apparently the incident spiraled out of control when Mr Toivo Mukada decided to take climate control into his own hands, following Phil the Groundhog’s prediction of 6 more weeks of winter.

“Hey der, guy, it just ain’t right. We’re all sick of da winter, wish it would just leave us all be. You can only go WalMart and walk long lap so many times. Plus, I jus picked up a new 2 stroke ‘zuki brapper.. jus can’t wait for dat spring time brappin’.” – T. Muckada.

Currently, Muckada is being held in custody awaiting potential MIP (Minor Ingesting Pasty) charges.

And the winner is… Nate Thomas

Nate put together a great police report and his effort shows. But I think what put the icing on the cake was his closing line, “being held in custody awaiting potential MIP (Minor Ingesting Pasty) charges.”

If you would still like to add a caption feel free, and this went so well that we’ll have to have some more contests like this in the future. So stay tuned and subscribe today.

I think this is a pretty funny photo and perhaps somewhat iconic of the Upper Peninsula in a way. We want your best caption. We will hook you up with a free Lake Superior t-shirt if you have the best caption.

All you have to do is submit your caption suggestion in the comments below.

The Mining Journal reported on Wednesday that this car found itself on top of a snowbank at the intersection of Seventh and Washington Streets in downtown Marquette. Apparently the brakes failed coming down Seventh Street. Oops.

I look forward to reading your captions!