Winter Detail at Canyon Falls

Canyon Falls Snow & Ice

Every spring, summer, and fall thousands of people make their way to Canyon Falls. Not as many people make it back to the falls during the winter, which is one of the most impressive times to see it. The best is if you can make it right after a big snowfall, where you’ll see pillows of snow broken by the flowing Sturgeon River.

If you plan to stick to the trail you won’t be needing snowshoes. The trail stays well-packed throughout the winter. Most of the time you’re able to cross to the other side of the river, but will want some snowshoes for this so you don’t sink down.

“For winter photos at Canyon Falls I always prefer shooting black and white. This photo was shot with ISO 400 film and a Canon Elan 7NE. A grainy film produces great results with with a unique feel. I am always looking for the minute details in nature that most people walk past while taking the larger scale photo.”

–Justin “Bugsy” Sailor

If you’re not familiar with Canyon Falls be sure to check it out sometime, here’s a map to show it’s location on US 41, just 10 miles outside of L’Anse.

Photo courtesy of our own Justin “Bugsy” Sailor

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