Biggest April Snowstorm in 10 Years

Upper Peninsula Snowstorm

Friday was a remarkably beautiful day. A friend and I drove to Little Presque Isle in the afternoon and had a wonderful hike to Wetmore Landing. It was 75 degrees, sunny, and Lake Superior was as smooth as glass. There were even people in swimming suits and bikinis. That was Friday.

Early Monday morning the snow started to settle on the ground. By mid afternoon most everything was white. By Tuesday morning everything was covered with snow, the roads were covered with slush. By this afternoon my roommate and I decided to close the blinds so we weren’t reminded of what the weather was like outside. And now, Tuesday evening, the snow continues to come down.

Marquette Snowstorm

According to WLUC TV6 this is the biggest snowstorm the Upper Peninsula has seen in over a decade this late in the season. In 2002 about 8.5 inches came down as late as April 28th. Some rumors say that Herman had as much as 16″ of fresh snow today.

This is the epitome of weather in the Upper Peninsula. Inevitably, it seems that everyone is quite annoyed by the snow, including myself this time around. That 75 degree weather felt really nice on Friday.

Now it’s supposed to be up to the mid sixties again on Thursday. Ahh, nothing like the Upper Peninsula.

I would love to hear your comments on the snow.

Photos were provided by Nancy Sailor of Baraga, taken on April 21st, 2009 along U.S. 41 between L’Anse and Michigamme.