The Big Boy Graveyard: Rediscovered 7 Years Later

Many of you have read my previous post of the old post regarding the “Legend of the Big Boy Graveyard”. Since, it has been one of our most popular journal entries, resulting in a lot of search traffic and people trying to find the statues. But we wont’ be giving out any locations here.

First off, a big thanks goes out to Katrina who e-mailed me a new top secret location.

I feel that what used to be called the “Big Boy Graveyard” can no longer be dubbed as such. As the previous photos showed there was a third Big Boy lying on the ground with a hamburger along side it. It was more of a dump site.

Now however, it is less of a graveyard and more of an entrance to a chained off driveway to the dump site. Rather than lion gaudrians to the driveway, they’re old, detriorating Big Boy statues. They don’t quite fend you off as much as the lions. But I think most people would agree there’s still a bit of creepiness (and delight?) when seeing this great Michigan icon out of context.

Enjoy the photos…

Fall Colors in Upper Peninsula

On the road to the legendary Big Boy Graveyard, just outside of Negaunee, Michigan.

Big Boy Graveyard
Negaunee Big Boy Graveyard
Big Boy Restaurants Icon

Creepy much?

The Big Boy Graveyard
Upper Peninsula Roadside Attractions
Michigan Big Boy Graveyard

Do you know of any other strange locations in the Upper Peninsula? Drop a comment below, we’d love to hear about it.