Fan photos from April snowstorm

Everyone was excited for spring being just around the corner. But c’mon, this is the Upper Peninsula, we all knew that we’d see a big snowfall again. In 2009 we saw the biggest April snowstorm in 10 years. In 2008 we had a comparable April Fool’s Day snowstorm. 2010 wasn’t going to be any different. Some people said Marquette received as much as 10″ of snowfall on Friday.

I asked fans of the Yooper Steez fan page to share some photos from the snowfall and received some good variety. If you’re not already a fan feel free to join today or share it with friends. Feel free to submit other fan photos to the page.

Thanks for sharing everyone and I hope you enjoy.

Michigan April Snowstorm
[Posted by April](
Snow monkey
[Posted by John](
Snow monkey
[Posted by John](, taken later the same day as the previous photo.
Marquette Snowstorm
[Posted by Mary](
Upper Peninsula Snowstorm
[Posted by Greg]( And just for kicks, someone sent this my way a few months ago… Two feet of snow ----------------
Two feet of snow

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