An Invitation to Andrew Heller Challenging 2 of His Yooper Stereotypes

Andrew Heller, Yooper Steez is inviting you to the Upper Peninsula for a round of golf. Sorry, we won’t cover your gas expenses, but we will surely hook you up with a free Upper Peninsula t-shirt.

You see, Mr. Heller recently wrote an article on his blog at for The Flint Journal. The article consists of several bullet points of what’s been going on in the news. But there are two particular bullet points that struck our attention.

First off…

“But hold on there, Kid. You described the overalls look as ‘hillbilly.’ That’s not hillbilly. This is Michigan. That’s a Yooper golfer look, thank you very much. Give credit where credit is due.”

— Andrew Heller

Kid Rock in his Overalls with John Daly
So, Mr. Heller, we invite you to come take a stroll through the Upper Peninsula. How many times have you been here? Have you golfed in the Upper Peninsula, sir?

On your visit we will make one condition, you will not leave the Upper Peninsula until you see someone wearing overalls on the golf course. We may extend that to say until you find anyone wearing overalls. Thank you very much.


“That said, I suggest that Kid’s partner, John Daly, never try that beer-can-as-golf-tee schtick in the U.P. That would be considered a highly-offensive waste of a good beer.”

— Andrew Heller

Yes, many Yoopers enjoy a good beer. But is that to say “trolls” do not? When you can provide the statistics comparing beer consumption between the Upper Peninsula and Lower Peninsula, Mr. Heller, then we will further look into this.

In the meantime, we would appreciate if you put your sarcastic and stereotypical viewpoints of Yoopers on hold. Our offer still stands, take a drive to the Upper Peninsula this summer and we’ll take you golfing, but you can’t leave until you see someone wearing overalls.

As for “Kid Rock getting the hillbilly thing wrong,” we can’t comment on that, because we’re not hillbillies. But Mr. Heller did get the Yooper thing wrong.

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