Yooper Steez on all Seven Continents

Since launching in 2008 we have been encouraging customers to take photos wearing their Yooper Steez shirts anywhere and everywhere. Since then we have had the goal of having our shirts worn and photographed in all seven continents. Today, we’re happy to announce we’ve finally done it!

We were surprised how fast the first six continents came. Turns out there are Yoopers and Upper Peninsula loving folk all across the world, and they’re doing awesome things. As you may have guessed, it was Antarctica that remained elusive. After we reached the first six continents it took another couple years to reach Antarctica. Our friend Megan made it happen! She took a two-week excursion to Antarctica in November and was gracious enough to bring a Yooper Steez shirt along. Next time our paths cross, we’ll be buying her a pasty. Thanks Megan!

We went through your submitted photos and picked our favorite photo from each continent. We couldn’t be more ecstatic for your efforts to make this a reality. It’s been a fun adventure to see where you go. Some have customers have been photographed with celebrities, The Blue Man Group, Weezer and Ray Romano. And plenty of locations from Hollywood to Mexico to Iceland to Pisa to Dubai.

To all of you, thanks for being as awesome as you are, we can’t wait to see where you go next.

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