22 Places to See the Fall Colors in the Upper Peninsula

Fall Leaves

Photo by Nancy S.

  1. Bond Falls (map)
  2. Agate Falls (map)
  3. Lake of the Clouds (map)
  4. Porcupine Mountains State Park (map)
  5. Canyon Falls (map)
  6. Copper Peak Ski Jump (map)
  7. Presque Isle (map)
  8. Brockway Mountain (map)
  9. Sugarloaf Mountain (map)
  10. Hogsback Mountain (map)
  11. Seney National Wildlife Refuge (map)
  12. Drummond Island (map)
  13. Whitefish Point (map)
  14. Tahquamenon Falls (map)
  15. Cut River Bridge (map)
  16. Little Mountain (map)
  17. Bear Bluff (map)
  18. Mandan (map)
  19. Covered Drive on way to Redridge (map)
  20. US 41 – last 12 miles before Copper Harbor (map)
  21. Lac LaBelle (map)
  22. Beaufort Lake/Three Lakes (map)

If you have any other suggestions, we know there are lots, just let us know by commenting below and we’ll add it to the list.

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