Frequently Asked Questions

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<dt><strong>Q:</strong> How long have you been around?</dt>
<dd><strong>A:</strong> Upper Peninsula Supply Co. was founded in 2008 as <i>Yooper Steez</i>. After completing a year-long 50-state tour in the fall of 2007, <a href="">Bugsy Sailor</a> was inspired to create an iconic Upper Peinsula t-shirt upon return home to Baraga. After countless sleepless nights dreaming up ideas in December 2007, Yooper Steez was launched in January 2008 as the first apparel brand in the Upper Peninsula. The company was rebranded to U.P. Supply Co. in 2017.</dd>

<dt><strong>Q:</strong> Do you screen print in house?</dt>
<dd><strong>A:</strong> Yes! The majority of UP Supply Co branded t-shirts are screenprinted by hand, by us. [Our greeting cards]( are printed in-house, cut, and folded by hand.</dd>

<dt><strong>Q:</strong> Do you offer custom screen printing?</dt>
<dd><strong>A:</strong> Sometimes. There are a lot factors, such a number of colors, quantities, garments, etc. If you're looking for custom screen printing it's best to give us a call at <a href="tel:+1-906-273-2848">(906) 273-2848</a></dd>

<dt><strong>Q:</strong> Do you offer custom design work?</dt>
<dd><strong>A:</strong> Sometimes. What we really love to do is develop creative partnerships with Upper-Peninsula-centric organizations. There are several factors at play, but it is a conversation we're always happy to have. Give us a call at <a href="tel:+1-906-273-2848">(906) 273-2848</a></dd>

<dt><strong>Q:</strong> Can you print <i>design x</i> on <i>color x</i>?</dt>
<dd><strong>A:</strong> No. We carefully choose the ink and garments colors of our products. It is not viable to print one-off colors or designs. However, particularly with our <a href="">silhouette series</a>, we try to mix up the colors with each new batch.</dd>

<dt><strong>Q:</strong> Would you sell my produdct(s)?</dt>
<dd><strong>A:</strong> We're happy to consider other products and create new wholesale partnerships. However, we are careful and deliberate in the products we curate. It will always be our focus for the high majority of our products to be under the U.P. Supply Co. brand. If you have a product you're interested in selling here, give us a call at <a href="tel:+1-906-273-2848">(906) 273-2848</a>.</dd>

<dt><strong>Q:</strong> Do you carry the <i>Unsalted & Shark Free</i> t-shirt?</dt>
<dd><strong>A:</strong> No, we do not. This is not our tagline and we have tremendous respect for the creativity integrity of the people who created that concept. The same rings true for other popular shirts. We create original and unique design concepts that our own.</dd>

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